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Training / Aluminum Anodizing

George Duris, Duris-Electroplating Inc.:”It was a tremendously useful class for me. I learned a lot.”
This course consists of 2 training days at CHEMEON’s Technology Center (Tech Center) in Minden, NV (Reno/Lake Tahoe). The goal for this program is to provide the participants with a broad range of information related to aluminum anodizing processes and history, the anodizing industry, process capabilities and limitations, and the benefits of process control.

Upcoming classes: Oct 17-18, Nov 14-15, Dec 12-13
Day 1 Program
1. CHEMEON Technology Center (Tech Center) Tour, Course Overview and Introduction
2. Preprocessing
Handling & Inspection
Aluminum Alloys 
Mechanical Finishing
3. Pretreatment
Bright Dipping
4. Anodizing
Process of Oxide Formation
Types of Anodizing
CHEMEON and Anodize control
Surface Area Calculations
Factors Contributing to Oxide Characteristics
Facility Requirements
5. Post Treatment
Electrolytic Color
Day 2 Program
1. Quality Control, Troubleshooting
2. IPC: General Information
3. Anodizing Applications
  Projects to illustrate the classroom concepts and allow the students to gain hands-on experience with the IPC 
The second half of day 2 is devoted to anodizing in the Tech Center laboratory. While CHEMEON will have representative aluminum samples available to work on, students are encouraged to bring their own materials for anodizing and discussion.
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