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Products for Anodizing and Chromate Conversion / Cleaners

CHEMEON Cleaners* 
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We offer a full range of alkaline and acid cleaners effective against buffing compounds, oils, greases and others soils. CHEMEON also offers a completely nonetching cleaner specifically designed for bright work.


Cleaners Type Description Method of Application Concentration Temp Time
CHEMEON Cleaner 1000
Non-etch, non-silicated, low alkalinity powdered cleaner for aluminum Heave duty cleaner for large soil loading, buffing compounds and oils Immersion 15-60g/l 120-180°F 2-15 min
CHEMEON Cleaner 1000 SCE
Etch, controlled foam cleaner for aluminum Tough soils, oils, grease, shop compounds Immersion 15-45g/l 120-160°F 2-6 min
CHEMEON Cleaner 1000SP
Non-silicated mild alkaline cleaner for all metals Tough soils, oils, grease, drawing and shop compounds, shop soils Spray 15-60g/l 100-180°F 15sec-5min
CHEMEON Cleaner 1100
Non-silicated, non-etch low foaming alkaline cleaner Buffing compounds, oils, grease, soils Immersion 2-25% v/v 120-170°F 2-10 min
CHEMEON Cleaner 1200
Non-silicated, non-phosphated, non- etch low foaming alkaline cleaner Pretreatment for bright work, capable of removing buffing compounds Immersion 5-20% v/v 120-180°F 2-10 min
CHEMEON Cleaner 1300
Phosphoric acid cleaner with solvating and detergent action Conversion coating pretreatment
Hand clean
10-50% v/v
5-20% v/v
120-160°F 2-10 min
CHEMEON Cleaner 1400(A)
High performance acid cleaner Solvent and detergent package added to phosphoric acid
Hand clean
10-40% v/v
1-2% v/v in 10% phosphoric acid
60-140°F 2-10 min
CHEMEON Cleaner 1500
Non-etch citric acid cleaner Buffing compounds, grease, oils, soils Immersion 5-15% v/v 120-170°F 3-15 min
CHEMEON Magnesium

Magnesium cleaner   Immersion 20% v/v 120-170°F 5 min

* In 2013, CHEMEON Surface Technology, formerly Metalast Surface Technology, acquired all assets of Metalast International, LLC, and is the sole source of products and services known and marketed as Metalast prior to June 10, 2015, now marketed under the CHEMEON mark. CHEMEON is not affiliated with David M. Semas.