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Dean Meiling

Raised in the Midwest, the son of a civil engineer who helped build the country’s highway system, Dean Meiling went into finance as an undergrad at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After graduation, he worked for Northwest Mutual as a bond analyst. The company paid his way through graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He then spent the next five years helping Northwest invest its portfolio. He went on to New York to work as a stock analyst.
Dean moved west, taking a job in Southern California with Pacific Life. It was there he began his career with PIMCO, now the world’s leading bond investment firm, managing more than $800 billion in assets. When he started with PIMCO in 1977, it was a small operation, about $100 million in managed assets. He did everything from client work to marketing. By the time he was named senior vice president in 1982, PIMCO had grown to almost $10 billion and was starting to pioneer new bond derivatives. Dean was named managing director in 1987.
He retired from PIMCO in 1998, after setting up a highly successful overseas operation in London. At the time of his retirement, PIMCO managed $186 billion in assets and the company was garnering accolades in the international financial community.
Since his retirement, he had been a significant leader in the local community, with increasing involvement in philanthropy. He served as a trustee and/or board member of The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation (Incline Village, NV; Chair 2005-2012), the National Automobile Museum (Reno, NV; Treasurer 2000-2014), the Reno Philharmonic Endowment Trust (Chair 2007-present), Sierra Nevada College (2003-2007) and PIMCO’s European-registered mutual funds (1997-2003).

In 2013, after many years of private equity investing, Dean formed Metalast Surface Technology LLC (now CHEMEON) to reinvent his investment in specialty metal finishing chemistries. Dean enjoys working with his wife, Madylon, in this endeavor and engaging the CHEMEON family of scientists and staff in this exciting collaboration and opportunity for being a leader in environmentally responsible coatings with a commitment to research, development and customer service.