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Products for Anodizing and Chromate Conversion / Dyes

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Our offer includes a complement of popular organic and inorganic dyes. Light fastness, clarity, and excellence of color is the hallmark of these products. Research and support staff at the CHEMEON Tech Center have tested all dyes for performance and quality. CHEMEON dyes are suitable for use in most applications. Custom organic dye matching is also available.


Dyes Type Description Method of Application Concentration pH Temp Time
CHEMEON Dyes Organic and inorganic color dyes Light fastness, clarity, and excellence of color Immersion Varies with dye Varies with dye 120-140°F 5-15 min depending on color
Black BK   Blue Concentrate   Fast Gold   Golden Orange  
Black BK EXTRA   Blue Teal   Graphite   Bordeaux Red SDS
Super Black BK   Navy Blue   Gray NL   Fiery Red  
Black CRO   Deep Bronze   Gray N   Red  
Black LM   Brown   Grey   Stainless Steel  
Deep Black MLW SDS Brown NB   Green   Turquoise  
Liquid Black   Olive Drab Brown   Green AEN   Violet CL  
Liquid MBL SDS Coppertone   Green LWN   Violet DS  
Black SUPER   FAO/FSO SDS Olive Drab Green   Wheat  
Black Thin Coat   Gold   Green Teal   Wheat PA  
Blue 4   Gold LX SDS Orange Concentrate   Yellow  
Blue G   Gold S   Burnt Orange      

* In 2013, CHEMEON Surface Technology, formerly Metalast Surface Technology, acquired all assets of Metalast International, LLC, and is the sole source of products and services known and marketed as Metalast prior to June 10, 2015, now marketed under the CHEMEON mark. CHEMEON is not affiliated with David M. Semas.

CHEMEON Color Dyes