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FAQ/AA-200 Question 4

One of the many stated benefits of CHEMEON AA-200 is "lubricity", can it/does it replace PTFE products?

CHEMEON AA-200 does not replace Teflon PTFE's but does give a mild lubricious surface advantage and can be seen as complimentary to PTFE's as CHEMEON AA-200 is interstitially bound throughout the oxide whereas PTFE is not. (See CHEMEON Continuing Education in Anodizing - Anodizing Reference Manual, pgs. 7 and 8, as evidenced by CHEMEON studies: Figure 2-Wear Resistance and Table 1-Wear Resistance). 
Also, without going in depth on PTFE post hard anodizing application, I will submit this: PTFE is a topical application to enhance coefficient of friction but has an ephemeral life as it is worn off very shortly. CHEMEON AA-200 consisting of several organic monomers has the advantage of being integrated into the oxide columnar walls during the hard anodizing process. (Note: PTFE is only used for Type III hard anodic coatings as it is for wear surface activity.) Hence, CHEMEON AA-200 is an integral part of the total oxide and has virtual lifetime benefit as opposed to the fleeting life of topically applied PTFE.