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FAQ/TCP-HF Question 4

What is the expected range of CHEMEON TCP-HF coating weights

Coating weight for CHEMEON TCP-HF is typically 22.8 mg/sq. ft., if processed properly. 
Standard practice is to process five test panels at 25 % concentration for five minutes of immersion. Note: Doubling the time does not will not double the coating weight. At ten minutes the coating weight will be around 33.0 mg. /sq. ft. 
However METAST TCP-HF with CHEMEON TCP-HF EPA the coating weight is higher. At two minutes immersion time the coating weight is 11.4, at five minutes immersion time the coating weight is 25.5 and at eight minutes immersion the coating weight is 43.3 mg./sq.ft. 
MIL-DTL 81706B specifies 10.0 mg./sq.ft coating weight.