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FAQ/TCP-HF SP Question 2

What are the different material of construction that are approved for chemical feed, transfer pumps, monitoring probes (pH, conductivity, temperature, level) and materials for processing and storage tanks? What products (metals, elastomers and plastics) are rated excellent to use and what products should be avoided?
The ideal tank material for CHEMEON TCP-HF SP is 316L (304 is also preferred). Secondary choices include PVC or Polypropylene (PP) line mild steel tanks. 
The ideal piping and pumps for the spray line are 316 or 304 stainless steel alloys. 
The ideal chemical feed, transducer pumps, and monitoring probes are Teflon or Viton (fluoroelastomer).
Most of the plastics are very durable, but the CHEMEON Technical Departments recommends PVC, CPVC, and/or PP for CHEMEON TCP-HF SP application. Stainless steels (316 and 304).