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Company / CHEMEON Tech Center

Steve Gibbon, Lockwood Green Engineering, Inc.:“It was impressive and encouraging to see the implementation of so many knowledge-management principles in place at CHEMEON.”
Imagine solutions developed by a visionary company with a true understanding of the surface finishing business. Envision one point of contact for all of your process development and consultation, chemical analysis, quality control and troubleshooting. Explore a laboratory designed and built to provide a state-of the-art research and training center for the metal finishing industry. Explore CHEMEON.
CHEMEON Surface Technology* has invested over $24 million in the development of our technology, products and services to address the needs of the metal surface finishing industry, as well as improve performance for the manufacturer and end user.  
CHEMEON’s Technology Center (Tech Center) occupies 3,000 square feet allotted to an automated and computerized research scale anodizing line, full laboratory and instrumentation, process control area, and training classroom, all supported by up-to-date safety features. Visitors to the facility may look into the laboratory through windows in the training classroom. 
The CHEMEON Tech Center is the hub for surface technology, bringing together design, automation, computer science, research, and development excellence.  It provides scientists, industry experts, and corporate research partners opportunities to explore options and collaborate in this specialized laboratory environment and apply technology-based solutions to their manufacturing and engineering needs.
At CHEMEON we are deeply rooted within the surface finishing industry, and committed to leading the industry in education, process development and environmental stewardship. We have conducted seminars to assist manufacturers in raising the quality of their metal finishing for such companies as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Motors, Honeywell International, Northrop Grumman, TaylorMade-Addias, National Semiconductor, Qualcomm, Tyco Electronics, Visteon, Ford Motors, University of Michigan, Dana Corporation, DaimlerChrysler, and GE Transportation to name a few.
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* In 2013, CHEMEON Surface Technology, formerly Metalast Surface Technology, acquired all assets of Metalast International, LLC, and is the sole source of products and services known and marketed as Metalast prior to June 10, 2015, now marketed under the CHEMEON mark. CHEMEON is not affiliated with David M. Semas.