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Products / Supplementary Chemicals

CHEMEON Supplementary Chemicals

CHEMEON offers a complete line of aluminum pre and post treatment supplementary chemistries which meet the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Supplementary Chemicals*
CHEMEON Additive 1378
Reduces phosphates contamination in seal tanks
CHEMEON Anti fume 9000
TDS(contact us)
CHEMEON Anti fume 9100
TDS(contact us)
CHEMEON Anti fume 9200
TDS(contact us)
Fume suppressant for etch tank

Concentrated fume suppressant for anodize tank

Fume suppressant for anodize acid
TDS(contact us) | SDS
Stripping chemical to remove anodic coatings from aluminum
CHEMEON Bright Dip
TDS(contact us) | SDS
Smooth, brighten and deburr Aluminum Bright dip alloys
CHEMEON Chemical 5100
TDS(contact us)
CHEMEON Chemical 6101
TDS(contact us)
CHEMEON Chemical 6102
TDS(contact us) | SDS
CHEMEON Chemical 6301
TDS(contact us) | SDS
CHEMEON Chemical 6303
TDS(contact us) | SDS
CHEMEON Chemical 6304
TDS(contact us) | SDS
pH down for inorganic dye solution FAO/FSO

Mid-temp seal surfactant package to help eliminate smut. Used with CHEMEON Seal 6100
pH adjustment for mid-temp seal
Accelerator to be used with CHEMEON Seal 6300
pH up for CHEMEON Seal 6300
pH down for CHEMEON Seal 6300
CHEMEON Cleaner 1002
Copper, steel, magnesium paint stripper cleaner, rust remover
CHEMEON Defoamer 9500
TDS(contact us)
Cleaner, anodize, seal tanks defoamer
CHEMEON Electropolish 1000
TDS(contact us)
Electropolishing cleaner for aluminum
CHEMEON Passivate 1000
TDS(contact us)
CHEMEON Passivate 6000
TDS(contact us)
Passivates, polishes and removes scale and burrs
Citrus based passivation for stainless steel
CHEMEON Zincate 8000
TDS(contact us)
Coating for aluminum and plating prior to plating
CHEMEON Magnesium Activator
TDS(contact us) | SDS
Activator for magnesium

* In 2013, CHEMEON Surface Technology, formerly Metalast Surface Technology, acquired all assets of Metalast International, LLC, and is the sole source of products and services known and marketed as Metalast prior to June 10, 2015, now marketed under the CHEMEON mark. CHEMEON is not affiliated with David M. Semas.