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Training / Titanium Anodizing

Titanium Anodizing Class

The course consists of 1 full training day at CHEMEON’s Technology Center (Tech Center) in Minden, NV (Reno/Lake Tahoe). The goal for this course is to provide the participants with a broad range of information related to titanium anodizing process, pre- and post- treatments, proper racking techniques, chemistry, bath maintenance and the benefits of process control.

Upcoming classes: TBD


1. Titanium Anodizing Processes presentation
Titanium Anodizing Processes, Type I, II, III
Titanium Alloys
Process Cycles
2. Classroom review of technical issues
3. Laboratory Subjects
Type II Anodize
Color Anodize
Type II and Type III anodize revisited as required
Color Anodize revisited as required
Rack selection
Mask Functionality
4. Chemical Maintenance Subjects
Deoxidizer Analysis
Type II anodize analysis
Color anodize analysis
Safety aspects of handling nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid
Open Q&A
The second half of the day is spent in both the laboratory and the classroom. Students are encouraged to bring their own materials for anodizing and discussion.
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